Tiny House


So many people currently have an obsession with tiny houses. Other than gypsy wagons, a tiny house is one of the coolest things on earth. Gypsy wagons just rock. Something like the tiny in this picture would be just fine for a single person or a couple- only the painting should be deep blue because that would look much cooler. Of course at the moment there aren’t many in Australia, but how amazing would it be to own one?

It would have a mini gourmet kitchen for those who love to cook. Nothing like the size of the one below, but definitely one of the inclusions should be a full length window splash back. In a small home, this would bring in so much light and allow for a beautiful view of nature outside the window.


One design idea that is amazing is this one below. It is from a container home from New Zealand. The way she has put the bed below the lounge room in this is fantastic for those who don’t want a loft bed. What a super practical idea.


Do you see how amazing this concept is? Both the lounge room and bedroom are two places that you are not standing up generally. Though in this design, she was easily able to stand in the lounge area. What you can’t see in this image fully is the long windows adorning each space. See a theme here? The amount of light this lets in to the area and the outlook it provides really sets this type of tiny home styling apart.

A bedroom is a place of absolute relaxation. It must contain a super high quality, latex mattress. If you have ever slept on one of these, you will know there is no substitute. And if you have ever travelled through Asia, you will know that their beds are insanely hard. So latex mattress – check. There is something many people can’t stand: bad quality, cheap bed linen. You know the type that scratches and pills? The current and fashionable sheet of choice at the moment seems to be high thread count cotton. The proper ones. They are available from www.1000threadcount-sheets.com.au online here in Australia and you can have them delivered to your door. As for a blanket, cheap and cheerful is groovy. Microfibre blankets do the job just fine and are easy to wash and wear.

To top off a tiny house, it would NEED an indoor bathroom – fully plumbed and working. A shower with decent water pressure and a working toilet. As far as bathroom design goes, this is kind of close to a bathroom that would work in a tiny house, obviously with a toilet next to the shower cubicle.


As you can probably tell, the kind of modern styling in this article isn’t something you would normally see in a tiny house. Add to that beachy elements and you have a really cool style. Another style option is a beachy shabby chic look. Not quite as shabby as the original, but definitely reflecting a life by the ocean.