Niece’s Christening


It is always nice to be back home for a change and it is even nicer that our family had a chance to get together though Thanksgiving is still so far away. Although I still have a ton of work to do, I knew I would not miss my niece’s christening for the world. Moreover, it’s a good thing I made it in time, too. I can only imagine how stressed my sister would have been if I was not around. More so, I could not bear the thought of our family’s bundle of joy wearing some random outfit for her first big event – oh, the horror!

It’s not to say that my sister and my brother-in-law are drab people who have no fashion sense at all. It just so happened that I know a little better, well, a lot better actually. And boy, am I relieved I had time to shop before I came back home. I found the perfect ensemble for the niece!

Oh, how cute she looked in her christening dress! She looked like a little angel embraced in the comfort of lightness and grace with the lace trims and bows. It matches so well with the dainty hair band and tiny designer shoes. I am so glad that my sister liked the dress enough to let her little darling wear it to her christening day. And I am doubly happy that the church is no longer strict about the colour and design of christening outfits or else my efforts would have gone to waste. When she grows up and takes a look at her christening photos, my niece will probably be happy that she looked like royalty. What can I say, this little cutie is lucky to have a stylish aunt and godmother like me!

My niece’s christening is just the beginning. You can bet she’ll be donning style and inheriting my fashion acumen as she grows up!