An Escape to the Louvre


France is a beautiful and romantic city. There is no doubt about this. For artists who want to feel the difference, Louvre is the place to go. This was once a royal palace and has held a high historical reputation of France for a long time. In fact as early as 1793, Louvre was already in existence. It is divided into an eight fold wing.

The finest arts cherished all over the globe can only be found here.  Ever heard of Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo?  Then this is the right place to check in.  Louvre has been recorded as the world famous museum of all times with over 9 million visitors by the year 2012. Touring this magnificent structure will give you a real look at the cultural heritage of all ages.

It has to start from the famous paintings, and sculptures such as the dying slave, ship of fools, the fortune teller and the like. Amazingly, the Louvre is located in a serene place that would add much taste to the tour.  Seine River is a tourist attraction that hosts the world famous museum.

Some of the ancient collections to expect in this place include Roman sculptures, crown jewels, and old materials from the French nobles, Islamic arts, decorative structures, drawings and prints. Your tour will never be complete without giving a daring glance to Leonardo da Vinci’s collections particularly the mysterious Mona Lisa paintings.  This is seemingly a small picture that has been cushioned by glass and has been well secured by guards to prevent any occurrence of thefts.

Some of the memories that will come in your mind include the Napoleon coronation which has been simplified through symbolic sculptures and paintings.  The grand Louvre has undergone a series of renovations that has contributed to its irresistible beauty, not to mention the Louvre pyramid which appears to be more sophisticated and enhances the penetration of natural light within the lobbies.  It is not possible to view the entire Louvre within a single visit.

In this case, the first thing you will be given is a visitor’s trail that has a combination of some of the famous works. This museum is ever open apart from some exceptional holidays like Christmas and worker’s day.

The Louvre arts are unique and will help you mind race back to the old centuries.   This place is truly a symbol of wealth and decadence in relation to French monarchy. There is enough to feed the eyes and if you doubt, the 70,000 pieces of fine arts and more than 500 paintings are there to confirm all the details.

For those who want to have a glimpse of the French history, this is the real place of satisfaction and the truth remains that you will never have enough. The vast ghostly corridors and the striking barren walls are the best platforms for the sculptures. The permanent art collection in this place is amazing.