Awesome Steampunk Train BBQ Grill- A True Piece of Art


A look at the steam engine takes you back the memory lane, when steam loco chugged along the tracks and small children ran after it, listening to its signal bell toll merrily. Electric locomotives have replaced the old era charm, yet many still hold a fascination for the steam engine. Look at it, it is a magnificent piece of art, so intricately put together and still exuding that Victorian era charm. How could you not love it!

Man and machine always go together. A vintage item always holds a place of pride for the possessor. This steampunk train is a blend of modern and olden times. Well, it may be a thing of the past on rails, but is sure a thing of great use and pride in the modern world – especially when made into a backyard BBQ grill.

The engine is made to perfection and last detail and its steam power place is aptly used as a barbeque grill. The engine is used as the primary cooking area and the chimneys serve their purpose well. The driver’s compartment doubles up a resting place as well as a place for storage of BBQ tools. This incredible piece of artistry has three cooking bays and a brick-lined furnace. See how well the two sides have been extended that act as shelves to place things. One side extension is railed to hold maybe items like plates or glassware. The side at the furnace end doubles up as working table top.

This massive piece of art weighs 4 ton and was cleverly crafted by Ryazan Deulino. It is an envious model that adorns the backyard and is so unique for a barbeque grill!! It would be perfect in an Aussie backyard. The practicality of the engine is amazing. It is so convenient to cook a bigger batch of meats. More so since there are three cooking bays.

The outdoor barbeque experience with this Steampunk engine grill will not be complete without a rugged western look. So just grab your cowboy hat and pull up your boots and we will be off on a gastronomic journey. Oh, the heavenly aroma of smoked grills is sure to make anyone drool and crave for more. How man succeeds in teaming his imaginative brain, knowledge and creativity to create a super gadget has always stumped me. But it sure works fine when it is related to his stomach. Else, who would even think of converting this redundant piece from the tracks of yesteryear to a full functional backyard barbeque grill?

This stunning steampunk train barbeque grill is modern day sculpture that is a unique blend of artistry and practicality. Who says that discard the old as it is out-dated and hopeless or a piece of junk? Here is a live example that indeed, old is gold! There never is a necessity to call an object “junk”. All that you need is an artistic outlook and a practical mind and together they create something unique that can be well termed as “neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride”.

It is never too late to set that artistic mind on roll and who knows? Maybe even you can create a masterpiece like this.

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A Lifelong Love Affair with Gypsy Wagons

Gypsy Wagon

There is something about a gypsy wagon don’t you think? They represent freedom on the road, a lifestyle far away from the normal bricks and mortar house in the suburbs with neighbours we don’t really know. The gypsy lifestyle is one of new surroundings on a regular basis, a large community of people who talk to each other (and sometimes fight with each other too), drinking wine around an open fire in the wilderness and lovely, flowy clothes.

There are some amazing pieces of gypsy wagon art including some beautifully manipulated, magical looking photoshop work. The intricate carvings and decoration on the actual gypsy wagons is something to behold in real life. There aren’t, however, many actual artists painting images of these beautiful wagons. An artist’s style can come in many forms. There are artists that go into amazing detail in their paintings, there are abstract artists and there are also whimsical artists. This whimsical art piece (shown above) was created by Caroline Rose Art.

Why is it so cool? Well, it is quite like the style of scrapbooked photo albums. This image is very similar to the styles of papers uses in scrapbooks. They can be hard to come by, but their simple, clean lines are very cute. See, scrapbooking is one of the great creative personal hobbies. Telling the stories of life through this medium is a really cool way to do it. Photos mean a lot to people generally as they are the snapshots of life. Though most people never have enough time to actually finish them, especially larger albums like those of overseas holidays. Most people just do scrapbooking albums for fun. And this style of art is right up the cute little scrapbooking alley.