Why I want a Tiny House


OK, I have a slight obsession. Other than my love of gypsy wagons, I also happen to desperately want to swap my old house for a tiny house. Something like the tiny in this picture would do me just fine – only the painting would be deep blue. Of course at the moment it is just a pipe dream, but how amazing would it be?

It would have a mini gourmet kitchen because I love cooking. Whilst I don’t want or need something of the size of the one below, one of my non negotiable inclusions is a full length window splash back. In a small home, this would bring in so much light and allow for a beautiful view of nature outside the window.


One design idea that I have fallen in love with is this one below. It is from a container home from New Zealand, and I adore how she has put the bed below the lounge room in this. What a super practical idea.


Do you see how amazing this concept is? Both the lounge room and bedroom are two places that you are not standing up generally. Though in this design, she was easily able to stand in the lounge area. What you can’t see in this image fully is the long windows adorning each space. See a theme here? I just love the amount of light this lets in to the area and the outlook it provides.

For me, my bedroom is a place of absolute relaxation. It must contain a super high quality, latex mattress. After sleeping on one of these for the past 15 years, there is no substitute – and it is the main thing I miss when I am travelling through Asia. Their beds are insanely hard. So latex mattress – check. There is something you need to know about me. I can’t stand bad, cheap bed linen. You know the type that scratches and pills? For me, my sheet of choice is Egyptian cotton. I buy them from www.egyptiancotton-sheets.com.au online here in Australia and have them delivered to my door. As for a blanket, I do go cheap and cheerful. I love microfibre blankets and have a gorgeous black one. I top it off with a tablecloth that I bought during one of my trips to Thailand that is large enough to fit a king bed. I use it on my queen size and it drapes beautifully. It reminds me of Thailand every time I get into bed – except my bed is soft!

To top off my tiny house, I would NEED an indoor bathroom – fully plumbed and working. A shower with decent water pressure and a working toilet. The other reason for the bedroom below and the lounge on top is that I often visit the toilet after reading for a while. So the idea of not having to go up and down stairs or a ladder to get into bed is really appealing. As far as bathroom design goes, I still haven’t found one I have fallen in love with. This is kind of close to what would work for me.


As you can probably tell, I really like modern styling. Add to that beachy elements and you have my style all over. Another style I don’t mind is a beachy shabby chic look. Not quite as shabby as the original, but definitely reflecting a life by the ocean. Now to find a little peace of beach side land and build that tiny house.

My Niece’s Christening


It is nice to be back home for a change and it is even nicer that our family had a chance to get together though Thanksgiving is still so far away. Although I still have a ton of work to do, I knew I would not miss my niece’s christening for the world. Moreover, it’s a good thing I made it in time, too. I can only imagine how stressed my sister would have been if I was not around. More so, I could not bear the thought of our family’s bundle of joy wearing some random outfit for her first big event – oh, the horror!

It’s not to say that my sister and my brother-in-law are drab people who have no fashion sense at all. It just so happened that I know a little better, well, a lot better actually. And boy, am I relieved I had time to shop before I came back home. I found the perfect ensemble for the niece!

Oh, how cute she looked in her christening dress! She looked like a little angel embraced in the comfort of lightness and grace with the lace trims and bows. It matches so well with the dainty hair band and tiny designer shoes. I am so glad that my sister liked the dress enough to let her little darling wear it to her christening day. And I am doubly happy that the church is no longer strict about the colour and design of christening outfits or else my efforts would have gone to waste. When she grows up and takes a look at her christening photos, my niece will probably be happy that she looked like royalty. What can I say, this little cutie is lucky to have a stylish aunt and godmother like me!

My niece’s christening is just the beginning. You can bet she’ll be donning style and inheriting my fashion acumen as she grows up!

My Lifelong Love Affair with Gypsy Wagons

Gypsy Wagon

I have a bit of a crush I am afraid. Actually it is more than a crush. More like a lifelong love affair. With gypsy wagons.

There is something about a gypsy wagon don’t you think? They represent freedom on the road, a lifestyle far away from the normal bricks and mortar house in the suburbs with neighbours we don’t really know. The gypsy lifestyle is one of new surroundings on a regular basis, a large community of people who talk to each other (and sometimes fight with each other too), drinking wine around an open fire in the wilderness and lovely, flowy clothes.

There are some amazing pieces of gypsy wagon art. I am a huge fan of beautifully manipulated, magical looking photoshop work. I also love the intricate carving and decoration on the actual gypsy wagons. There aren’t, however, many actual artists painting images of these beautiful wagons. An artist’s style can come in many forms. There are artists that go into amazing detail in their paintings, there are abstract artists and there are also whimsical artists. I took a particular liking to this whimsical art piece (shown above) by Caroline Rose Art.

Why do I love it so much? Well, it reminds me of my scrapbooked photo albums. This image is very similar to the styles of papers I use in my scrapbooks. They can be hard to come by, but I just love their simple, clean lines. See, scrapbooking is one of my personal hobbies. I adore telling the stories of my life through this medium. My photos mean everything to me. They are snapshots of my whole life. I never have enough time to actually finish them, especially my overseas holidays. I think I might be up to 2008 in my timeline. But hey, I just do my albums for fun. And this style of art is right up my little scrapbooking alley.

Dream Location

Longtail boat in Ao Nang Thailand

I have always wanted to spend time in Thailand. It is my dream location. Imagine spending a sunny day on a long tail boat such as this one. It would be such an amazing experience. I can see myself snorkelling in clear blue waters, watching tropical fish just float by me. A delicious Thai lunch on a secluded beach with not a soul in site. It makes me want to jump on the next plane over there. This picture is from the Ao Nang area in Southern Thailand. It is about 2 hours from Phuket airport. I can see myself wandering along the ocean at sunset, watching the sky light up like Christmas in front of me. Millions of colours dancing above me. Palm trees swaying in the breeze and the smell of delicious food filling the air.

One day I will get there. In the meantime, I will have just dream about that day sometime in the future.